2016 Communion Sessions

CommunionComp 002_low.jpg

The time of year has arrived to start planning for a very special day in your child’s life.  Parishes have already set the date for First Holy Communion masses and you have already started shopping for that perfect suit or dress.  Now, you are looking for the perfect photographer to capture the natural beauty of your child?  Our studio specializes in capturing beautiful, timeless portraits.  We have a quiet, relaxed environment with multiple backgrounds that will allow your child to be themselves and let their personality show.  We offer a variety of sessions and package pricing, call today and schedule your appointment.  We are open Tuesday through Saturday, 9-5.  (302)-529-1339  CommunionComp 002_lowb.jpg



Rahneesha Redd  commented on  August 9th, 2016

Such a handsome young fella and he is such a natural. Every photo was perfect. Looking forward to seeing him with the new addition.

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